Sunday, November 6, 2016

Opportunity Cost

I love the theater, I love participating in the theater, and I was just in an awesome show with so many wonderful people and it was an amazing experience... but there's a price to pay. It's like that economic concept of "opportunity cost". I don't remember the proper definition, but the idea is that by choosing "A" you lose something, and is the loss worth the choice.

Hell. Yes. Every time I do a show I crash afterward, but this show had a few add ons. Last week I had bronchitis and had to sleep sitting up all week, then, instead of being able to sleep and crash from that over the weekend I had a kidney stone. We're talking trip to the ER, awake at 3 am, cat naps after the pain meds kick in kidney stone. Which turned out to be more than one kidney stone. Blergh.

And in theory, I might have been able to at least try to normalize things a little bit during the week, but y'all - THE CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!! I was up late every night of the Series!

So... I won't be joining my friends for dinner and the theater today, but my friends are awesome, and they understand that I'm not ditching them, but that this is just how things go.

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