Thursday, December 26, 2013

If only life worked this way....

A friend of mine was seriously burned on her foot and leg by spilled boiling water on December 23rd. She has 5 children, a teen, an elementary student, 2 preschoolers, and an infant. Her teen is helping, but like most moms, my friend doesn't want to put everything on her daughter, her husband works during the day, and she is doing too much.  Prayers for her healing would be most welcome. Thank you.

Especially after a major holiday...

I love squirrels, but apparently I have a lot in common with bears.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just because we slept all night doesn't mean it did any good...

Going to sleep... not as easy as people think it is

And why are you next to the TV?

Every time I walk into a room...

Do we ever have a "good" morning?

Sadly, for those of us with chronic health problems, mornings are usually very unpleasant.

But - attitude is everything, so most mornings we wake up, roll (literally roll) off the bed, and shuffle into the shower, the kitchen or wherever we shuffle first thinking -

"This is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it" or "Thank you Lord for hot water/hot coffee/etc...." or whatever positive attitude thing that comes naturally to us.

But some mornings... some mornings you log on to your preferred social network, see "Good Morning Sunshine" and Grumpy Cat speaks for you.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Creating a Meme

We'd love to see YOUR Spoon Memes. Most of the Memes posted so far, and those to come, were created using I'm also working on how to use some of the Meme images from the Masters of Memes, the folks over at the Cheezburger website. I check out their Set Phasers to Lol ( almost every day. You know, I wish I knew how to turn the title of the website into the link. Oh well. Anyway, as you've probably noticed I'm not the most tech savvy blogger in the blogosphere, but if you know how to send me a new meme I'd love to see them! As per the intro post we're keeping it rated PG around here (maybe a rare PG-13) so please keep it clean. If I stumble across the instructions for sending me new Meme images/links I'll let you know!

Every day.

Sometimes it IS a zebra

My mailbox is in Mordor...

Fibro... EDS... Lupus... Super.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hey Dude...

The Spoon Meme That Started It All

ANNOUNCING..... a new blog I think?

Welcome to Spoon Memes... no not the kind you eat ice cream with.

I have fibromyalgia, a host of other diagnoses, and probably one of a couple things I'm still being tested for. All of this combines to leave me with very few spoons in life. "Spoons?" you ask; yes. Spoons.

I was first introduced to the spoon theory rather recently when a friend shared this website with me- Please read this if you want to understand this blog (and better understand what it's like to have a chronic illness).

My friend and I were chatting today, and due to something she said I replied "Need MORE SPOONS... or should I say MOAR?" She said "We need a meme!" And Spoon Memes was born.

Please feel free to share Spoon Memes of your own creation, but here's the deal: No Profanity, No Crudity or Lewdness, No Rude or Disrespectful Creations, No Exceptions.

I know that sometimes our thoughts about our diseases/disorders/diagnosis are rated R for language, but this blog will be rated PG and always "Safe for Work" and safe for if your kid happens to be leaning on your shoulder or clambering into lap.

So without further ado - To the MEMES!