Saturday, June 8, 2013

Creating a Meme

We'd love to see YOUR Spoon Memes. Most of the Memes posted so far, and those to come, were created using I'm also working on how to use some of the Meme images from the Masters of Memes, the folks over at the Cheezburger website. I check out their Set Phasers to Lol ( almost every day. You know, I wish I knew how to turn the title of the website into the link. Oh well. Anyway, as you've probably noticed I'm not the most tech savvy blogger in the blogosphere, but if you know how to send me a new meme I'd love to see them! As per the intro post we're keeping it rated PG around here (maybe a rare PG-13) so please keep it clean. If I stumble across the instructions for sending me new Meme images/links I'll let you know!

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